It can be daunting starting a new class but rest assured at Yoga Body | Zen Mind you will immediately be put at ease. 
Kerrie will discretely cover any concerns or questions you have and share variations and adjustments that gives your class that special touch.

"When I moved to Portishead 3 years ago I never thought that I would be able to find a class that was as amazing as the class that I used to attend for 10 years in Bristol. Kerrie's class has taken my Yoga to the next level and I love her overall teaching style. Kerrie offers the complete Yoga experience, mind, body and higher self. Would highly recommend" Helen, Portishead.

"This lovely lady has helped me immeasurably with my anxiety around cancer treatment and afterwards. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Wish I’d done this years ago!" Denise North Somerset.

"Yoga with Kerrie is for me something TRULY MAGIC. It cannot be just described, it has to be tried! It is so pleasant start a week with or attend an evening class after work. This experience is really UNIQUE to me. 

Here is what I appreciate: 

  • How yoga can be so gentle and strengthen your body at the same time! Such an unbelievable combination. Thanks to Kerrie, I finally understand and feel what it means to love my body, and what a nonsense it is to compare to others.

  • The lessons are very well structured. Seems to be following a long-term plan, which deepens the understanding of body and life. 

  • Apart from this, I love Kerrie's short induction at the beginning of each lesson. She always shares something she realized in her life or a few rows from a book. It is so enriching and well presented! These topics often resonate with me throughout the week. 

  • All this in an incredibly spontaneous, joyful atmosphere." Lucie, Portishead

"I find Kerrie's sessions like a breath of fresh air, tranquil and so calming. I love her open, welcoming and friendly attitude. There is no pressure with the yoga poses, just a gentle release of tension. As it says on the packet she creates a wonderful atmosphere which clears and relaxes the mind such as I've never known before." Chris, North Somerset

"Just to say again what a great class this evening. My running felt great afterwards which I'm sure is down to all the great stretching. My ankle was so sore a few months back and now I have no pain at all thanks to your yoga!" Jayne, Portishead

"Kerrie is very dedicated to her teaching and her classes are just amazing! She is a very warm and caring person, with her attention given to each of us individually making sure we are all in a good place.  Each class is extremely well planned with great themes, which come across in all our movements and breathing techniques, on which she gives very clear instructions throughout the session.

I leave feeling a strong sense of wellbeing and almost as though I have accomplished something new, which is quite emotional…..Kerrie certainly creates this ‘aura’ which she manages to radiate around her…..a feeling of calm and peacefulness…..” Julie Bristol

"I have been going to Kerrie's classes for a little while now. She puts us at ease and I always feel completely comfortable as I try to improve my postures, working within my own ability. Among other things, yoga has really helped improve my posture. My favourite part of the class is the mindful relaxation at the end. This really helps me to get peace of mind and completely relax. Kerrie is a fab teacher, she is very friendly, warm and welcoming. I really recommend her classes." Becci, Portishead

"I love these classes they are easy to follow and I can feel the positive difference in me after every class; it’s addictive!" Vicky, Portishead

"I just wanted to say thank you for your classes, I've been to a number of different yoga classes over the past 13 years or so, and yours has been the one that has allowed everything to fall into place. I now understand the importance, and benefit, of connecting my breath with the moments and I've seen the greatest progression in my flexibility and mindfulness since doing this. You're pace and tone create a relaxed, tranquil and grounded class and I feel refreshed and vitalised afterwards. Thank you again." Rachael, Portishead.

"Kerries' teaching style is very inclusive and she really does make classes as challenging as you want them. This is why her classes suit both beginners and experienced yogis. Her focus on mindfulness means I can truly relax, have fun and work physically hard, all in an hour! If you are thinking about trying yoga or want to improve your practice from a new perspective this is the yoga class for you." Emily, Bristol

"Really enjoyed the Zen aspect and Zen story at the end, it has left me with something to think about. Interesting stuff." James, Portishead

"I love Kerrie's class and style of teaching....it's so good for when stress is high. Her classes really calm me down and ground me. I have a problem with my right hip and after an hour of yoga, the pain goes away! The mindfulness is so helpful too as I do find it hard to switch off." Mary, Portishead

"I wanted to write a few paragraphs to try and sum up what you and your classes have recently brought to my life. I am so grateful to the 'powers that be' for bringing me to your door so to speak, you are truly magical in the way you teach." 

"..It's a mad world that we live in! Our lives seems constantly in the fast lane even though most of us try hard to use the slow lane from time to time. I have found a practice that takes just one hour a week from my time but immeasurably enhances my life every second of the day.

My brain has stopped whizzing around, I listen to what people say, I am calm and have inner peace with myself, I have a smile on my face!! I have found a class so special and unique run by a wonderful person called Kerrie, who's welcome was so warm and sweet. She gently guides us through the practice of Yoga Nidra a simple way to reduce stress which promotes deep rest and relaxation. Yoga Nidra has brought me peace, tranquility and a much improved state of mind, plus inner strength within my being - feel the power of yogic sleep and when the Gong sounds your never miss a beat!" Teresa, Portishead



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