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Yoga for Pregnancy and Birthing

There are changing demands on your body during pregnancy and birthing and yoga can provide the physical and emotional stress relief your body and mind need throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. Whether you are an experienced yogini or new to yoga, Kerrie ensures you have the support you need for a beautiful and safe yoga class, a time to connect with yourself and your baby or babies.

Kerrie teaches mums-to-be at all stages of pregnancy, mums carrying multiple babies and mums postnatal too. Classes focus on breathing, meditation and physical postures; for relaxation, stress relief, better sleep as well as birthing and birth preparation. We also focus on applying movements that can alleviate many common pregnancy discomforts including sciatic pain, heartburn, bladder weakness, backache, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic girdle pain (SPD) and more. 

Kerrie is delighted to see everyone at class, it is recommended that you join us from 13 weeks onwards.

Yoga for Mother and Baby

Postnatal Yoga for Mum and Baby Yoga for the Little One

Practicing yoga with your baby provides a safe relaxed space away from your day-to-day activities to have some special time together and fosters a strong bond on both an emotional and physical level. 

There is movement, relaxation,  sensory and massage elements too - this class really has it all.

For your baby yoga is a healthy, playful bonding activity and can:

  • Foster improved sleep and more settled behaviour with better learning, trust and social development

  • Stimulate the digestive system and help alleviate wind and colic

  • Help balance, co-ordination and motor skills as well as strengthening their body, improving muscle development and developing reflexes. It can also stimulate the brain and nervous system

For mum, yoga is the perfect postnatal wellness path, we work with your recovering and changing body to:

  • Heal and ease aches and pain, particularly  around the back and neck areas

  • Gradually and comfortably build strength with focus in areas such as pelvic floor and abdominals/stomach

  • Learn to rest and relax your mind and body, alongside your baby

  • Lift mood, ease anxiety and you get to meet other mums, get support, share experiences and advice. 

When to Start - If you have had a standard birth (if there is such a thing!) you can come along after your 6 week check-up until the point your baby is crawling. If you have had a c-section 8-10 weeks is recommended. Although this is gentle yoga especially for your post natal body, everyone is different so always listen to your body and how you feel. No yoga experience required!

A Typical Session and What to Bring - Classes are relaxed and provide a safe place for you and your baby to play, relax, soothe, change or feed. We will practice standing and seated yoga postures and have time for sensory interaction and massage too. Please bring a baby blanket.

What mum's said about the course and about pregnancy yoga.........

"Just a little note to say thank you for the pregnancy yoga classes, the techniques were very useful and midwives were very impressed with my breathing! The last Thursday yoga class obviously relaxed my body and I went into labour in the early hours on the Friday. We are both doing well" Laura 2020.

"I just wanted to say thank you because thanks to the breathing techniques and positions you taught me I was able to have the completely natural birth I have always wanted. I 100% put it down to everything I have learnt in your classes as it was my breathing which focused me and kept me calm and my head focused. I’ll be recommending the class to anyone I know who is pregnant!" Sophie, Portishead, 2019.

"I have enjoyed both Kerrie's pregnancy yoga and now a course of baby yoga. It helped me keep agile and calm through pregnancy and birth. The mix of yoga, meditation and time to bond with baby has been unique and I have also loved the chance to get to know the other yoga Mammies. We have loved it. Thank you. Namaste xxx" Donna, Portishead, June 2019.

“Isla and I thoroughly enjoyed Baby Yoga - we would always look forward to our Monday’s spending quality time bonding together. It was great to watch Isla grow and develop throughout the term. Kerrie clearly has a passion for watch she does and always made us feel so welcome and relaxed.” Clare, Portishead, June 2019.

"This was a lovely course to do with a new baby. My little one was about 6 weeks when it started and it was great to get out and meet friends and other new mums. The yoga was a nice chance to get back to doing something for myself whilst also spending time bonding with my baby. Kerrie was great and created a really relaxed environment that you could feed or comfort your baby in without worrying you were disturbing the class. The tea and cakes afterwards were a yummy bonus!" Lizzie, Portishead, March 2018.

"Eleanor and I have absolutely loved your class, we look forward to coming every week! For me the course has given me some real quality one on one time with Eleanor, with us both benefiting from a variety of yoga, relaxation and sensory activities, it's really helped my body recover gently after birth and I've also loved how flexible it can be around the babies too." Kelly, Portishead, Dec 2016.

"I started pregnancy yoga in my second trimister. It helped relax both my mind and body, so I could remain calm and grounded throughout my pregnancy. Kerrie was so warm and showed a real interest in my pregnancy, so much so that when my daughter was born I was desperate to introduce her to the lovely Kerrie and embrace baby yoga which has been hugely beneficial for me and massively enjoyable for my baby daughter who giggles and coes throughout each session!" Lorraine, Easton-In-Gordano, April 2017.

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